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Zherlock - A general data analysis tool  v.1.0

Zherlock has now changed name to SciCraft and no longer hosted on sourceforge. Visit our new site at

Equity Analysis Tool  v.beta1

The "Equity Analysis Tool" is a utility to read in stock quote data files created by Briter Systems and output data formatted for use with other companies stock analysis software. Example files can be downloaded from

KDD: Kernel Data Disambiguation Tool  v.1.0

KDD (Kernel Data Disambiguator) is a new automated software analysis tool that can generate a sound kernel data definition for any C-based OS (e.g. Windows and Linux) without any prior knowledge of the OS. KDD disambiguates the pointer-based relations ...

Adsat -- Sequence Analysis Tool  v.1.0

Automated Database-lookup and Sequence Analysis Tool for use specifically with BioPython. Used for obtaining Sequence and other Data from online databases and processing the data using open bioinformatics tools like BLAST and MEME.

ERA Pre-Auction Decision Analysis Tool  v.4.02

This free, easy-to-use tool helps buyers avoid the misapplication of electronic reverse auctions. By leading the user through a series of questions, the excel-based, pre-auction analysis tool offers customized guidance on your sourcing initiative.

Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel 2010 Data Analysis Expressions Sample  v.1.0

Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel 2010 Data Analysis Expressions Sample

PerformancePoint Server Planning Data Migration Tool

Enable users to migrate reference and fact data for their PerformancePoint Planning Server Applications.This PerformancePoint Server Planning Data Migration Tool will enable users to migrate reference and fact data for their PerformancePoint Planning

Climate Data Analysis Tools  v.10.6

CDAT (Climate Data Analysis Tools) is an open-source, Python-based environment for scientific calculations and graphics with focus on the needs of climate modelers. It is coordinated by the Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison,

GNOME Usability Analysis Tool  v.0.2

GUAT (GNOME Usability Analysis Tool) is an application that takes .glade files as inputs and summarises/evaluates the UI elments using the GNOME

Resting state fMRI data analysis toolkit  v.1.3.090422

While resting-state fMRI is drawing more and more attention, there has not been a software for its data analysis. Based on MATLAB, we developed a package named REST. Currently REST has three main functions: function connectivity, ReHo and

JMetamorphosis - Data Migration Tool  v.1.0

Data migration tool Multi-Plataform for console and desktop mode.

OpenDTS (Open Data Transfer Tool)  v.1.0

OpenDTS (Open Data Transfer Tool) is a tool to build and execute data transfer services based on predefined function blocks wich can be extended. Unlike most DTS-Tools OpenDTS is designed to handle different files/data like XML files or image files.

C.elegans tracker data analysis  v.1.0

C.elegans nematode worm tracker data analysis software. Loads video files generated by Worm Tracker 2.0 from Schafer Lab in MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK.

Gene Expression Data Analysis Studio  v.1.0

GEDAS is a software to perform microarray data analysis with friendly user interface and convenient data display. Currently some commonly used data clustering algorithms have been implemented in this software.

Web Link Analysis Tool  v.1.0

Web Link Analysis Tool is a general usage tool for Longitudinal and Cyclical Web Link Analysis Tool for Analyzing the referrers of one or more web sites.

Firewall Backup and Analysis Tool  v.1.0

Firewall Backup and Analysis Tool (fBat) is a platform independent tool to manage initially Cisco ASDM FWSMs, but will be able in due time to analyze also IPTables (Netfilter) as well as IPF and PF rules. Others will (hopefully) be added along the way.

FPA Analysis tool  v.1.0

The FPA Analysis tool is intended for the analysis of the scope of IT projects in their initial phase by the method of FPA (Function Point Analysis).

SEO Workers Analysis Tool for linux  v.1.0.3

Provides a basic SEO analysis for a single web page

365DiskData(Disk data analysis experts)  v.2.1

A powerful explorer-like application for Windows that analyzes disk space utilization.Selecting a disk volume or folder displays a summary of its contents in report or chart format. Through scan a disk or folder that the tree view appears each file

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